AUD/USD 0.87940 (06:15 22.10)
AUD/JPY 93.968 (06:15 22.10)
USD/JPY 106.855 (06:15 22.10)
EUR/JPY 136.108 (06:15 22.10)
EUR/USD 1.27376 (06:15 22.10)
QATAR 13830.900 (06:05 22.10)
NZD/USD 0.79742 (06:00 22.10)
AUD/NZD 1.10205 (06:00 22.10)
EUR/AUD 1.44809 (06:00 22.10)
CAD/JPY 95.277 (06:00 22.10)
NZD/JPY 85.258 (06:00 22.10)
AUD/USD 0.87878 (06:00 22.10)
AUD/JPY 93.953 (06:00 22.10)
KOSPI 1934.52 (06:00 22.10)
TOPIX 100 813.450 (06:00 22.10)
NIKKEI 225 15195.780 (06:00 22.10)
HANG SENG 23358.790 (06:00 22.10)
GBP/JPY 172.366 (06:00 22.10)
NIFTY FUTURE 8090.250 (06:00 22.10)
NIFTY 7945.5500 (06:00 22.10)
NASDAQ FUTURE 3974.1250 (06:00 22.10)
SILVER 17.453 (06:00 22.10)
EUR/USD 1.27254 (06:00 22.10)
EUR/JPY 136.059 (06:00 22.10)
S.BANK INDIA 2584.9250 (06:00 22.10)
USD/SGD 1.27042 (06:00 22.10)
USD/JPY 106.918 (06:00 22.10)
SSE180 5288.776 (06:00 22.10)
TATA MOTORS 515.0250 (06:00 22.10)
BOMBAY SE 26775.84 (06:00 22.10)
Beginning Broker Program
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The Beginning Broker Program (BBP) is an excellent program

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There are no costs for accessing the site. All the features here are free for you

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