SAUDI REFINERIES 83.5833 (12:20 23.08)
SAUDI REFINERIES 83.5833 (10:00 23.08)
SILVER 19.4290 (21:00 22.08)
NASDAQ FUTURE 4055.5000 (20:30 22.08)
TWITTER 46.0150 (20:00 22.08)
VIX 11.6000 (20:00 22.08)
FACEBOOK 74.5700 (20:00 22.08)
GOLD VS SILVER 65.7343 (20:00 22.08)
GROUPON 6.2950 (20:00 22.08)
MICROSOFT 45.16 (20:00 22.08)
EUR/AUD 1.42232 (20:00 22.08)
AUD/JPY 96.792 (20:00 22.08)
LINKEDIN 226.4550 (20:00 22.08)
GBP/JPY 172.290 (20:00 22.08)
CITIGROUP 50.9350 (20:00 22.08)
CATERPILLAR 107.3050 (20:00 22.08)
PFIZER 28.9150 (20:00 22.08)
PETROBRAS 17.2050 (20:00 22.08)
JP MORGAN CHASE 58.4950 (20:00 22.08)
IBM 190.3950 (20:00 22.08)
GOLDMAN SACHS 175.4600 (20:00 22.08)
DISNEY 90.47500 (20:00 22.08)
AMAZON 331.5950 (20:00 22.08)
USD/CHF 0.91367 (20:00 22.08)
BAIDU 214.1350 (20:00 22.08)
EXXON MOBIL 98.4950 (20:00 22.08)
NASDAQ FUTURE 4051.1250 (20:00 22.08)
OIL 93.615 (20:00 22.08)
COCA COLA 41.1150 (20:00 22.08)
GOOGLE 582.4850 (20:00 22.08)
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